Is Aeronautics for You?

Few professions require more responsibility and technical knowledge than aeronautics. Whether you are interested in training to become a pilot or preparing for management roles in the industry, Averett has the capability, experienced faculty and personalize education and training to help you reach your goal. Unlike other college programs, Averett assigns a specific flight instructor to a student so students start flying their first week on campus.


Degree Programs

The Averett Department of Aeronautics offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Management with concentrations in:

  • Aviation Business
  • Flight Operations
  • Aerospace Management/Criminal Justice


Averett aeronautics graduates will be equipped for the following careers and more:

  • Aviation Business
  • Flight Operations
  • Airfield Operator
    • Airline Manager
    • Airline Pilot
    • Airport Security Manager
    • Airport/FBO Manager
    • Air Traffic Controller
    • Business Management
    • Cargo Pilot
    • Charter Pilot
    • Corporate Pilot
    • Federal, State or Local Law Enforcement Pilot
    • Flight Dispatcher
    • Flight Instructor
    • Freight and Cargo Management
    • Military Pilot
    • Systems Management

Additional Certifications

Averett University is an institution that has been granted authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to certify its qualifying graduates for an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) with reduced aeronautical experience. The total flight time required for the restricted privileges is 1,000 hours, which is 500 less than the industry standard without the qualifying privileges.

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Additional Category and Class Ratings


A partnership with Piper Aircraft Inc. provides training aircraft as well as student scholarships, sponsorships, maintenance and instructor training, and enhanced marketing support. Partnerships with Piedmont Airlines and PSA Airlines offer pilot prospects a guaranteed career path to American Airlines. Aviation Business students also take on an internship within the industry. In addition, Averett partners each summer with the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and the Virginia Department of Aviation to host the Pathways Flight Academy for high school students planning to study aeronautics.

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